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Resources for Honey Producers

Credit Cards Sales on the Go

www.Square.com offers a free smart phone/tablet device to solve your on-the-go needs. www.paypal.com offers a free smart phone/tablet device that will deposit your funds into your paypal account.

Farmer’s Market Information

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship has information for joining the lists of various community farmer’s markets across Iowa. This site can also be utilized for listing the location of your bee yards to prevent chemical spraying in proximity to your bees during sensitive times of the day. Des Moines Downtown Farmer’s is a website just for the one of the community’s largest markets that happens every Saturday throughout the spring/summer/and fall. Information on being a full and part-time vendor can be found here.

Related Events and Opportunities

Natural Living Expo – This event is hosted yearly at the Iowa Events Center. Click the link for more information or other communities it is hosted in. Home&Garden Show- This event is hosted yearly in the Des Moines area. For more information on this event or other tour dates go to www.homeandgardenshow.com The Iowa State Fair- –Have your honey and related crafts judged, or look into opportunities to be a vendor Des Moines Art Festival-– Do you package your honey and crafts in attractive and unique ways to sell as gifts? Why not set up a booth at the Des Moines Arts Festival? It is amazing how much attention one can stir up when they show a trade that is unexpected.

Business Cards, Fliers, & Design Work

Gotprint.com is one of the best places on the web for affordable high-end printing of your advertising pieces. Info@russianbee.com if you need assistance designing business cards, or other small advertisement pieces. Depending on the complexity of the project will determine price, but talking to him and getting a quote is free.

Journal and tracking tools for your bee yard:

Hivetracks.com offers a free user friendly online system for logging in your entire bee yard. One can be as specific as listing out every component that makes up their hive and a complete history of the queen and production, down to a simply journal notice of how each yard is performing during a season. It is suited to both the single hive owner on up to large-scale operations Mybeehives.com offers a user friendly online and smart phone application for tracking of your bee yard.